20+ Beautiful Ancient Greek Flowers Names – Greek Flowers Mythology

Greek Flowers Names

Greek Flowers Names: The Greek language is one of the oldest languages that are still used today. The language had many popular flowers that were named and then spread to other different modern languages

Swertia Chirica, Calceolaria, and Monarda are the most popular among all. If you are looking to create a beautiful arrangement, then these flowers are the ones to use. we will list down Greek flowers and their meaning read more you will get a bunch of knowledge about these flowers.

Greek Flowers Names List 2022 2023

The Greek language is also one of the most beautiful languages in the world and the flowers in the language have a special beauty. This blog is all about beautiful and attractive Greek flowers names.

Greek Flowers and Meanings

English NameGreek NameMeaning
larkspurHyakinthosromantic feelings
English NameGreek NameMeaning
VioletionInk container
Greek Flowers Names
English NameGreek NameMeaning
ChrysanthemumDendranthema grandiflorum Nobility, longevity & trust
English NameGreek NameMeaning

NarcissusNew beginnings
English NameGreek NameMeaning
LotusLotosRebirth & Life
English NameGreek NameMeaning
JasmineGiasemiPurity & love
English NameGreek NameMeaning
BalsamvalsamoImpatient for Love
English NameGreek NameMeaning
English NameGreek NameMeaning
English NameGreek NameMeaning
English NameGreek NameMeaning
ChamomileChamomiliEnergy in adversity
English NameGreek NameMeaning
English NameGreek NameMeaning
OleanderPikrodafniDestiny and caution
oleander Edited
English NameGreek NameMeaning
Cypress VineKyparissiAffection
Cypress Vine
English NameGreek NameMeaning
DaisyMargaritaMotherhood & childbirth
English NameGreek NameMeaning
MarigoldKatifespower and strength lives inside of a person
English NameGreek NameMeaning
PeriwinkleMyrtiaFaith, trust
English NameGreek NameMeaning
Water lilyNoufaroPleasure and peace
English NameGreek NameMeaning
Arabian Jasmine
Araviko GiasemiGood luck and love
Arabian Jasmine 4
English NameGreek NameMeaning
Indian tulipIndiki ToulipaDivine and unconditional love
Indian tulip

Summer Flowers in Greece

Greek summer flowers are a unique part of Greek culture. These flowers grow in the summertime they are the symbol of happiness and beauty. The summer flowers in Greece are typically blue, purple, and red.

They also grow wild in the countryside they are known to be beautiful. The summer flowers in Greece are seen as symbols of Greek culture and are still widely used today.

Greek Goddess of Flowers

The goddess of flowers is very important in many different cultures in Greek Flora is the Greek Goddess of flowers. In some cultures, the Goddess flower is known as the goddess of spring, and in others, it is known as the goddess of the cycle of life. In other cultures flowers is also known as the goddess of the dead.

Flowers in Mythology

Flowers are a sign of life, beauty, and renewal. Flowers are often used in religious ceremonies and they are also an important part of many cultures. Flowers are used in many different ways and they are often a symbol of love, happiness, and peace.

Greek Plants and Flowers

A lot of people like to plant flowers and plants in their homes and gardens. However, there are some people who can’t seem to find the perfect plant or flower for their home. It can be difficult to find the perfect plant or flower that is going to be a good fit for your home and garden.

In order to find the perfect plant or flower, you need to know what type of plants and flowers you like. One thing you should consider is the type of light that your plants and flowers will be exposed to. In order to find a plant or flower that will thrive in your home, you should try to find a plant or flower that will thrive in your home and garden.

You can also consider other factors such as the color of the plant or flower, the size of the plant or flower, and the type of soil or pot you would like to use. This will help you find the perfect plant or flower for your home.


We hope you enjoyed our blog about the names of flowers names in Greek. This article provides a list of flower names in Greek and the meanings behind them. If you are interested in learning more names ideas please visit our other blogs you will get a bunch of ideas.

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