Beautiful Japanese Flowers Names For Girls & Boys With Meaning

Japanese Flowers Names List 2023

Japanese flowers names are a very important part of Japanese culture. Every culture has a way of naming its flowers. There are many different types of flowers in different areas of Japan. In this blog, I will be giving you a list of categories of Japanese flowers to help you find the flowers you’re looking for.

Japanese African violets, which are also known as kalanchoe flowers, are incredibly beautiful and are a popular choice in do-it-yourself flower arrangements and gardening.

With their bright colors, unusual shape, and dense foliage, they are a wonderful addition to any garden. Here’s a list of Japanese flower names, which will help you to name the flowers you find.

Japanese Flower Names For Girls & Boys With Meaning

English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Sun Flower1 2
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Morning GloryAsagaoBond of love
morning glory flower
English Name Japanese NameMeaning
HydrangeaAjisaiApologies and gratitude
English NameJapanese NameMeaning

Red Rose
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Camellia Tsubaki Humility and perfect love
English NameJapanese NameMeaning

Kaneshon Love
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Orange  OsmanthusKinmokusei Truth and noble person
image edited
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Primula sieboldiiSakurasouDesire and long-lasting love
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Red TulipAkaichurippu Fame and eternal love
red tulip
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Japanese ApricotUmefaithfulness and pure heart
English NameJapanese NameMeaning

Rabenda Faithful
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
VioletSumire Ink container and small bliss
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Prunus persicaMomo Fascinating personality
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
IrisShobu Glad tidings and loyalty
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Japanese CherrySakura Beauty of heart
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Pink RoseMomirobaraTrust in someone
Pink Rose
English Name Japanese NameMeaning
ChrysanthemumKiku Nobility, longevity, and trust
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
CosmosKosumosu Love and cleanliness
English NameJapanese NameMeaning
Magunoria Natural beauty
image 2 edited
English NameJapanese NameMeaning

Blooming Flower in Japanese

The Japanese word for a flower is Hana. The word for flower petals is hashi. Sakura means “cherry blossom” and is derived from the Japanese word Saku, which means “to bloom” or “to smile/laugh.”

Japanese Apricot Edited 1

Japanese Queen Flower

The Japanese Queen-of-the-Flower is a perennial plant that grows in a clump. The plant is an evergreen perennial with heart-shaped leaves. The flowers are a deep blue and are borne on top of the plant. The Japanese Queen-of-the-Flower is a very popular plant and can be found in many gardens.

perennial plant

Japanese Flower of Death

The Japanese flower of death is Higanbana. The flower is known as the “Kiss of Death” in Japan. The flower is said to be a symbol of love and loss.


National Flower of Japan

Sakura, the national flower of Japan, is a type of cherry blossom. The Japanese word for cherry blossom is “sakura”. The sakura plant is a deciduous tree in the genus Prunus.

There are two species of sakura trees: the wild cherry (Prunus serrulata) and the sweet cherry (Prunus avium). The sakura tree is native to Japan and the Korean Peninsula. 

cherry blossom

How to Pronounce Japanese Flower Names

Flower names are often difficult to understand, but there are ways to learn them. A lot of names can be broken down into parts. One way to learn them is by breaking down the name into the first name and the surname.

A lot of names also end in the same sound. For example, one flower name is “Yoshiharu”.

If you break down “Yoshiharu” it would be “Yoshi” plus “Haru”. So the name would mean “Yoshi’s flower”. The other way to learn names is by looking them up.


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