40+ Baby Names After Flowers For Girl & Boy with Meanings

Baby Names After Flowers

Baby Names After Flowers: When it comes to talking about a baby or flowers, in both cases, we feel sweetness and cuteness. As flowers are the beauty of gardens in the same way babies are beauty and peace of mind for a home.

When someone is expecting a baby, the first thing that comes to mind is to choose a unique, cool, beautiful, and interesting name for the expecting guest. And thinking of baby names after flowers is the most unique thought you may have this time. Because baby names after flowers are fantastic, fanciful, modern, and fun.

We have put together a list of the most beautiful, unique, popular, and cool flower names with meaning for your new arrival. Just go through it and choose wisely.

List Of Nature Names For Girls

Baby Names After Flowers


Meaning: Day’s Eye
Origin: Old English
Description: Daisy a dynamic flower name for a baby and it is amongst the top 1000 baby names list, its origin is English and getting more popular day by day. This flower opens up its petals at daybreak which is why it named Daisy ” day’s eye”.


Meaning: Rainbow
Origin: Greek
Description: It has a huge variety of species available in multicolors worldwide. It is also the best-known Greek goddess of the rainbow. The Iris flower represents courage, hope, wisdom, and faith. Giving a bouquet of blue iris may represent hope


Meaning: Where roses grow
Origin: Greek
Description: This Greek-origin flower, is the best name to be chosen for a baby girl and baby boy. Rhodes has been ranked in the top 2000 in baby boy names popularity in the U.S in 2018. Children named Rhodes are mostly very kind-hearted and thankful.


Meaning: Pretty rose
Origin: Latin, Spanish
Description: Rosalinda of Spanish origin is a baby name after flowers are mostly used for baby girls. It was at its peak of popularity in somehow 1940s because of a movie star named after this flower.


Meaning: A thorny patch
Origin: Europe and Western Asia
Description: The sweetest and extremely popular European native briar flower has the best fragrance and beauty. This beautiful flower represents talent, genius, and love.

Because of their sweet and cool fragrances, these are associated with purity. This flower has popularity in both gender, girl, and boy.


Meaning: Daffodil
Origin: Greek

Narcissus flowers symbolize rebirth, as they bloom at the start of summer and indicate that winter has gone. These flowers express prosperity, best luck, and wealth.

This Greek-origin flower is mostly used for baby boy names with its meaning of daffodils.


Meaning: Fair flower
Origin: Greek
Description: Evanthe the English, Greek, and Nature names flower is mostly popular for baby girls all over the world. But let us tell you that according to an SSA report this name has not much popularity in the U.S.

It has a beautiful meaning as “Fair Flower” of Greek origin, but maybe the meaning changed from country to country and language.


Meaning: Flower
Origin: Latin

Flora a Latin origin baby girl name meaning “Flower”. This name was popular in the 1800s, infect it was on the list of the top 100 names. This name has still popular in French.

This flower symbolizes pleasure, joy, and pure friendship.


Meaning: Wise
Origin: Latin

Saga the Norse goddess of poetry and history is originally a Swedish baby girl’s name

It has not much popularity in other countries, but this name does have popularity in Sweden on the top list.


Meaning: Inspiration and wisdom
Origin: Old English
Description: The name hazel can be chosen for girls and boys. This is named after “the hazelnut tree” which symbolizes and represents inspiration and wisdom. In old days this was popular for baby boy names but now a day’s most people love it for girl names.


Meaning: Wind Flower
Origin: Greek
Description: Anemone the Greek origin flower is named for a baby girl with its unique meaning of “daughter of the wind”. This flower is popular after the Greek myth that gives the meaning of the loss of a loved one. That is why this beautiful blooming flower express is forsaken, love.


Meaning: Flower
Origin: French
Description: Being on the list of top 100 fleurs has got much popularity. This is used for a baby girl’s name with the meaning “Flower” which has a French origin. This flower symbolizes the perfection and purity of the French monarchy.


Meaning: Vine
Origin: Latin
Description: Ivy is named for both genders and has good popularity among girls. Parents love to use it for girls and baby boys. This flower represents a close attachment to friendship and marriage.

And being an evergreen flower symbolizes everlasting life and love.


Meaning: Gift from God
Origin: Persian
Description: Jasmine is a girl name of Persian origin which could be written as Yasmine as well. This flower’s oil was extracted in the Persian regime and was mostly used for perfumes.

This name’s popularity was at its height about 10 years ago. This Asian and European native flower symbolizes love, purity, beauty, and innocence.


Meaning: Turban
Origin: Persian, Turkish
Description: The name tulip is mostly used for baby girls. It was derived from Persian and Turkish origin and because of its shape it is the meaning of “Turban”.

This flower symbolizes perfect and true love. Their bouquet is given to someone with whom you may have unconditional love.


Meaning: Reddish-brown hair
Origin: Old French
Description: This flower is named for both gender, male and female. It is a French-origin flower meaning reddish brown.

This flower represents good-heartedness and joy and is known as a sacred plant. It symbolizes “the cross and the trinity”.


Meaning: Small plum
Origin: Latin
Description: Prunella flower is commonly known as self-heal and it is of Latin origin with small plum. This flower is named for a girl and this is the repulsion of fire.


Meaning: Pine thistle.
Origin: South African

Ixia the South African native flower is used for girl names, it has the meaning of “Pine Thistle”.

It came from the Greek word Ixos which symbolizes “Happiness”.


Meaning: Crane
Origin: Greek
Description: The geranium flower is a girl’s name meaning crane. This flower origin is Greek and this one symbolizes happiness, friendship, best wishes, and excellent health. It is associated with positive sentiments.


Meaning: Sweet-smelling flower
Origin: Latin

Lavender flower is used by a girl name Latin origin with means Sweet-smelling flower.

The Lavender flower is associated with spiritual connectivity. This flower symbolizes love, purity, and calmness. Each color represents a different meaning.


Meaning: Drop of the sea
Origin: Arabic
Description: Maryam is a girl name that has different origins, Arabic, Hebrew, Iranian and Greek. It has the meaning of drop of the sea or beloved one. It has religious importance.

It has the best benefits to be used as a medication for childbirth.


Meaning: Perfection
Origin: Arabic, Hindi
Description: Kamal flower is of Arabic and Hindi origin as well. This flower is a baby boy’s name which has a meaning of perfection. It symbolizes purity and strength and is also associated with spirituality.


Meaning: Regal
Origin: Greek
Description: Basil is a name for both boys and girls. It is of Greek origin meaning Regal. Basil is an old traditional name, which has the highest popularity in old days. It symbolizes “Fidelity”. Its original meaning is Hate but later on, becomes a sign of Love.


Meaning: Little flower
Origin: French
Description: Fleurette is somehow a form of fleur which has the meaning of “Little flower”. It is a girl’s name and its origin is French.


Meaning: Delight
Origin: Old French
Description: The Jewel name is a girl name of origin from old French which has the meaning of “Delight”. In old days French people used to give their daughter this name, but new modern may avoid its meaning can be “Precious Stone”.


Meaning: Hyacinth flower
Origin: Italian
Description: Giacinta’s name is mostly used for girl names. Its origin is Greek and Italian meaning “Hyacinth”. This name gained popularity after “Jacinda Barrett” an Australian model turned actress.


Meaning: Pure, white, innocent
Origin: Latin

Lily as we can simply define it by pronunciation could be a girl’s name. Yes, it is a pretty girl’s name. It was derived from Latin origin which has the meaning of “Lilium”.

This flower expresses Pure, white, innocent, and rebirth. This name has still popular in England and Scotland.


Meaning: Beauty
Origin: Arabic
Description: Zaynab name is a girl name of Arabic origin. It has the meaning of “Beauty and Grace”. It has also the meaning of a fragrant flower.

This flower’s popularity is at its height among all Muslims around the world, as this was the name of the daughter and granddaughter of Muhammad (PBUH).


Meaning: Little flower
Origin: Italian
Description: This flower Fiorello is usually a boy’s name and its popularity is a little old. But a boy with the name Fiorello looks more beautiful with the meaning of “Little flower” its main origin is Italian. And it got popular in World War II.


Meaning: Water lily
Origin: Irish
Description: The Ren name is used for both boys and girls mostly in japan, actually this flower’s main origin is in Japan which has the meaning of “Water lily”.

This flower represents purity and eternity and symbolizes perfection and purity in japan.


Meaning: Blossoming flower
Origin: Arabic
Description: Zara is given to girls and it has different pronunciations like Zahra, Zara, and Zarah. Zara is an Arabic origin flower that means “Blooming flower”. Zara is also popular because of the brand name “Zara”.


Meaning: Pure
Origin: Greek
Description: Katy’s name is used for girl names with the meaning of “Purity”. Katy is of Greek origin and has been in popularity for about centuries.


Meaning: Violet
Origin: Greek
Description: Iolanthe has been used as a girl’s name for decades. Its origin is Greek and French which a meaning of “Violet flower”. Its Spanish version is “Yolanda” and this is also used in countries of English is spoken.


Meaning: A warm pink color
Origin: Latin

Rose’s name is a girl’s name and it is perfectly matched with girls as well. Rose is derived from Latin origin which has the meaning “rose a flower”.

Rose flower is popular almost all over the world, because of its best smell ever and multicolor. The Rose flower is associated with love and romance. This flower symbolizes beauty and courage.


Meaning: Corn grinder
Origin: Greek
Description: Aletris’s name is used for both gender boy’s name and the girl’s name its origin is Greek and it has the meaning of “corn grinder”. The bell-shaped flower is also known as “Colic Root and Stargrass”.


Meaning: Lark, Dolphin
Origin: Greek
Description: Larkspur name can be used for a boy’s name and a girl’s name. It has an origin in Greek with its meaning “Lark, Dolphin”. This flower represents the Bond of Love and expresses an open heart which is associated with romance and its feelings.


Meaning: Rose and Honey
Origin: French and Spanish
Description: This French and Spanish origin name has the meaning “Rose and Honey. You can use this name for your boy’s and girl’s names. This flower has popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries because of being the surname of a French naval officer and a Chilean poet.


Meaning: Lotus
Origin: Sanskrit
Description: Kunal’s name is a boy’s name of Sanskrit origin, it has the meaning “Lotus”. This name is mostly used in the Indian region.


Meaning: To climb like a vine
Origin: French
Description: Liana’s name is used for a girl’s name and it is derived from a French origin meaning “To climb like a vine”. Girls with the name Liana are pretty beautiful and have a soft corner for everyone.


Meaning: A piece of grassland
Origin: English
Description: Meadow has the beautiful meaning of “A piece of grassland” with its English origin, this name is used for girls and perfectly suits your daughter’s personality. The Meadow flower expresses protection, beauty, peace, and joy.


Meaning: Reed
Origin: Latin
Description: The flower Jonquil is being used for a girl’s name and it looks like a modern name for your daughter. Its origin is Latin which means “Reed”.

It is not unfamiliar like daffodils.  It is associated with self-absorption. This flower expresses inspiration and success. It is symbolized forgiveness.


Meaning: Herb; regret
Origin: Greek, English
Description: This English and Greek origin flower name is for both girl’s name and a boy’s name. It has the meaning of “Herb and Regret”. This flower represents Adultery and longlisting suffering.


Meaning: Rose
Origin: Hebrew
Description: Vered flower is a strong and pleasant flower that has been used for girl names with the meaning of Rose. It has its origin in Hebrew.


Meaning: Shining sea
Origin: Latin

Marilla’s name is always used for girls’ names which means shining sea. It is of Latin origin.

Despite its sweet and cute flower name, Marilla has never been popular nor has it been on the top list for decades.


Meaning: Keeper of the garden
Origin: English
Description:  Gardener a Latin origin flower name is used for both genders, for girls’ names and boys’ names. The gardener has the meaning of “Keeper of the garden” the loveliest job someone has to do.

Gardeners spend their all day within the beauty of flowers and feel their pleasant smell every time.


Meaning: He descends
Origin: Hebrew
Description: Jared is a boy’s name that has origin in Hebrew with the meaning “He descends”. This name has also the meaning of “Rose”. It is a biblical name and has had high popularity for decades to date.


Meaning: A bunch of flowers
Origin: English
Description: Posey is a flower of English origin with the meaning “A bunch of flowers”. Posey is used for a girl’s name and this beautiful name suits and fits girls only.

You can say it is a “small bouquet”. Being an English-origin name, it has more popularity in their countries. England.


Meaning: Golden flower
Origin: English

Marigold name is used for a girl’s name and its origin is English, which means “Golden Flower”. This is a beautiful name for your daughter, as she looks cuter with the surname of Marigold.

This flower represents strength, power, and light within someone. It symbolizes heartbroken or hopeless love, either someone left you or died.


Meaning: Grassy plain
Origin: Spanish
Description: Savannah flower is associated with a beautifully landscaped city within a country. This flower is used for a girl’s name of Spanish origin which has the meaning of “Grassy plain”.

Savannah is a popular name among girl’s names starting with the letter “S”. And its popularity is from the day when world ranking records were started to be written and kept.


Meaning: Sacred foliage
Origin: Latin
Description: The name Verbena is a girl name of Spanish origin with the meaning “sacred foliage”. Verbena is associated with the meaning of safety, happiness, and healing. This flower represents happy sentiments.



Nowadays the popularity of baby names after flowers is trending and every parent is searching for flower names for their daughter and boy because flower names are perfect and meaningful.

People think that baby names after flowers are mostly girl names. Don’t worry there are baby boy flowers’ names as well, but maybe those flowers are not as popular as girls’ flowers’ names are.

We hope that you are expecting as beautiful a baby as flowers. Firstly we congratulate you on your new arrival. If you are searching for flower names for girls or boys with beautiful meanings then you are one of the best places where you can decide and choose the names very quickly and easily.

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